Bird Management

Pigeons nesting under your solar panels? Does their scratching on the roof and persistent "cooing" disturb you? Does their filthy smell and bacteria ridden droppings bother you? Feral pigeons in Townsville are an increasing concern. Spinifex Pest has trialled a number of solar panel pigeon control methods since 2013. Our proven 3 part service package is designed to make your roof healthy and disease free again...We remove the pigeon mess from under the solar panels, Clean the "sunnyside" of the panels and Install pigeon proofing materials to prevent further pigeon entry underneath. We are trained and licenced to Work at Heights and have specific procedures for this high risk work.
Millions of dollars worth of property damage occurs each year from undetected building faults caused by feral bird pests. Some of these include rusting roof from build up of uric acid in faeces and water damage in ceilings from blocked gutters. Also, damage to stock and business reputations, OH&S risks and disease exposure are all factors linked to bird problems.
Bird management programs often fail due to lack of experience with the offending birds and the control systems....the common sight of pigeons nesting on top of unsightly spikes is a regular example. Some of the bird control methods Spinifex utilises include; - Monitored Trapping and Euthanasia - Appropriately licenced and controlled Bird Shooting - Electric Bird Deterrent Systems for small areas and larger open spaces - Design and Installation of Netting to prevent entry - Design and Installation of Electric Shock Systems for ledges and parapets
Identification and understanding of the pest species is critical to formulate a plan which is suitable to the situation. Seasonal breeding and daily habits of the pest birds, help to determine the optimum time to
perform the selected work. This considered, we endeavour to provide discreet servicing with minimal business interruptions.
Before you experience these issues, consult with the Spinifex Pest Control team. We can conduct a site assessment and provide you with long-term solutions to deter a range of bird species.

Spinifex Pest Control Service Warranty
  • Trained and licensed technicians
  • Onsite assessment before commencing work
  • Follow-up recommendations
  • Free Service periods
  • Information and advice provided