Commercial Pest Management

A lot of hard work goes into running a successful business; a pest infestation can quickly unravel all that time and effort, not to mention the outlay. Not only do pests such as cockroaches and rats bring health problems, they can also cause damage to expensive equipment, building structures and electrical wiring.
Spinifex Pest Control can tailor a program that suits your business on a weekly, fortnightly, monthly or quarterly schedule - servicing the pests that are an issue to your business. Perhaps you have a restaurant or café and you need to ensure cockroaches, mice, rats and flies keep away from your food safe areas and customers. Or maybe you would like to keep your showroom or warehouse free of spiders, we can design a scheduled pest maintenance program that is right for your business, from small operations to large-scale companies.
Spinifex 'Pest Protect' is the solution for your business for routine pest management. 'Pest Protect provides you with reports, safety information and certifications and is a way for you to communicate with our technicians.
The Spinifex team will keep you up to date with your pest servicing and we want to help you understand the challenges of managing your pests, as well as encouraging you to provide feedback through open communication and reports.
Call us today to arrange an obligation-free survey to assess your pest issues and determine what solution best suits your business. Contact us
Spinifex Pest Control is proud to provide pest control solutions to the restaurant and hospitality industry, whose reputation we protect.

Spinifex Pest Control Service Warranty
  • Trained and licensed technicians
  • Onsite assessment before commencing work
  • Follow-up recommendations
  • Free Service periods
  • Information and advice provided